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Air Conditioning Repair Venice FL:

Get Your Cooling, and Ventilation Units Repaired in no Time. A Trustworthy Company You Can Rely on!

When living in Venice, FL, you need a reliable air conditioning system, which Patriot Air can help with. You can rely on us to act swiftly when your air conditioning unit gives up. Our certified experts are on call around the clock for emergency AC repair. In no time at all, we’ll transform your private or commercial space back into a cool sanctuary! We service all makes and models and do warranty work for premium brands in Sarasota County.


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Our Venice Air Conditioner Services Include:



AC Maintenance

Do you want to know how to reduce your cooling costs and stay away from costly air conditioning repairs?

It’s easy. Maintenance!

To do routine maintenance, contract with a qualified and professional HVAC firm such as Patriot Air.

We offer thorough maintenance contracts that maintain high levels of comfort and affordable costs.

Don’t be misled by other contractors who send out a salesman whose sole responsibility is to upsell.

At Patriot Air, we cherish long-lasting client connections, so we offer 100% transparency and honesty.


AC Installation

If you need a new air conditioner, we are your go-to supplier of high-end, effective models that also come with expert installation.

Our comfort specialists have the necessary equipment to correctly install a new and energy-efficient AC in your property to maintain a higher standard of comfort.

AC Repair in Venice

AC Repair

Living in South Florida without an effective air conditioner can lead to unpleasant comfort levels.

Why endure this heat?

We can quickly and affordably diagnose and repair your HVAC system.

our services

Air Conditioning Diagnosis and Repair in Venice, FL

Is there a strange rattling sound coming from your air conditioner?

If so, it wouldn’t be a good use of your time to speculate.

Our Venice AC repair specialists have the training and experience necessary to swiftly and accurately diagnose any AC problem.

We will inspect each and every system component, including cooling coils, compressors, ducting, and refrigerant levels, when you contact us for AC repair.

Before taking any further action, we will give you a thorough report of our findings after our inspection is complete.

With as little disturbance to your family’s routine as possible, we vow to fix the issue properly the first time.

Our AC repair crew also aims to save you money all year round.

With our yearly AC maintenance contracts, you can address issues when they’re still minor and less expensive to fix.

You can be confident that we will assist you in choosing a system that is both efficient and effective.

If you’re unsure what the problem is, contact our experts today.

Venice Air Conditioning Repairs and Installation

It’s time to think about replacing your air conditioner if it’s over 10 years old and giving you problems.

Even if the air conditioning system is still working, switching to a more energy-efficient air conditioner can help you save money in the long term.

In order to give you the best value for your money, our quotation will take into account all available manufacturer and FPL rebates.

Air conditioning repair venice fl
Patriot Air provides:
  • High-quality replacement systems and parts at affordable and competitive prices
  • Heat pump and air conditioner repairs
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Free estimates
You can expect the following from our experienced team:
  • Once we get a service call, we’ll perform an evaluation of your residential or commercial property to determine which heating or cooling system would be most suitable for you. We also place a great deal of importance on energy efficiency.
  • Our technicians are licensed and insured. We’re focused on offering safe and high-quality services.
  • We only recommend the products and services you deserve.
Our Venice maintenance service has the following features:
  • Commercial and residential preventative maintenance
  • No hidden costs or fees

If you need air conditioning service in Venice, FL, contact us!

Air Conditioning Repair Venice, FL:

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Are you looking for reliable AC service in Venice, FL?

From duct cleaning to maintenance, repairs, and installation, we are experts at all things air conditioners.

Whether you need to fix the AC in your home, office, or mobile home, we’ll get things working correctly in no time!

Contact us today for a free quote!

AC repair venice fl
How Do You Know that Your AC Unit Needs to be Repaired?

You should consider repairing your air conditioning unit if:

Your Energy Expenses Are Higher than Usual

High energy costs are usually a sign that your air conditioner is not cooling your home effectively.

We’ll help you reduce your costs as much as possible.

Some Areas of the House Aren't Getting Enough Airflow

If just some rooms in your house are getting airflow and not others, you might need repairs.

Your Home Is Warmer Than the Setting on Your Thermostat

This doesn’t mean your thermostat is broken.

You might need AC repair in Venice if the temperature in your house does not match the setting on your thermostat.

There's a Layer of Ice over the Exterior Unit

The unit may be freezing up due to a leak in liquid refrigerant.

This is generally triggered by a frozen evaporator coil and will need to be fixed by a qualified air conditioning specialist.

air conditioning venice fl

Air Conditioning Repair Venice FL

Why Choose Us?

Our amiable, knowledgeable, and committed staff at Patriot Air in Venice are always available to assist you.

We are devoted to all of our clients, both new and old.

Our first duty is to make sure that each customer receives trustworthy, expert HVAC services.

Each unit we install is guaranteed to be of the highest caliber.

We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service.

In order to provide fair and reasonable prices, we continuously look for ways to lower expenses.

If you’re in Venice, North Port, or Southwest Florida, we should be your go-to team when it comes to air conditioning maintenance, repair, and installation.

Contact us today for all your AC needs!

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Do You Offer a Free Quote?

Yes. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate and a recommendation for the air conditioner (or heat pump) that best suits your needs.

Do You Respond Quickly?

Yes, our diligent professionals make every effort to provide our customers with timely and accurate service.

We also offer emergency services in Venice